bat rescue
bat rescue
bat rescue

Bat Rescue

Phone 0402 347 557

, or 0448 124 472

Grey headed flying foxes hold our fragile bush together.

Contact Bat Rescue Bayside if you have found an injured bat.

Considered a keystone species, the health of our native forests and every living thing in them depends on these remarkable bats. Without them it all collapses.

With drought and devastating fires in swathes of remote Victoria the new normal, the ability of these intelligent, far-ranging mammals to spread seeds to renew bush is more critical than ever.

But land clearing, historic culling and brutal summers have driven them towards the brink.

Grey headed flying foxes are listed as vulnerable and threatened.

They need our help.


Donations kindly accepted to support volunteer carers in the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured Grey Headed Flying Foxes.

Beverley Brown
BSB 063-103
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